Phil Gerbyshak

LinkedIn Trainer | Technology Speaker | Teaching Sales Professionals and Leaders to Build Their Business

Connecting People and Companies to Their Customers in Meaningful Ways Online and Offline

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City: Tampa Bay


Your business needs someone who is an expert in social media (online, digital) marketing to better connect you with your customers and prospects, wherever they are. And you need someone who understands social selling is NOT the silver bullet because let’s face it, NOTHING is!

Traditional advertising, marketing and sales tactics are not enough. You must integrate them with social media. Why? Because people believe what other people say (social proof) MUCH more than they believe what you say about your business. Have you ever read hotel reviews on a travel site? Yep. That.

Phil will work with you (and your team if you have one) to create a social media strategy for your organization, then create a plan you can execute on, and check in with you each month to see how you are doing and offer guidance.

Think of him as your personal social marketing strategist, social media business trainer, and secret weapon.

Need help creating an effective online presence for yourself and/or your business, so you get measurable results from your online activities? He can help you to set goals so you can monitor your progress, and put your name/company name out there in the right way so customers/prospects will want to interact with you.

Need help? We know great people!

If you prefer, Phil can help you develop a strategy and bring in professionals to implement the strategy for you, with input and assistance from you.

Some of the ways Phil can work with you to set up and/or teach you to update your online properties include:

  • Blogs (writing and reading)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Contact Management
  • Video content creation
  • Email Newsletters
  • Website Enhancements
  • Thank-You Notes


Areas of expertise

  • Social selling
  • Employee advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Networking

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