Erin Botsford

A Thought Leader on 21st Century Investing, Risk Management and Retirement

A "Top 100 Women Financial Advisor" and Inspirational Speaker Who Delivers Results

Erin Botsford is a Barron’s Top 100 Independent Advisor & Top 100 Women’s Financial Advisors, Best-Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, a boutique financial planning firm with offices in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

Having trademarked an investment philosophy called Lifestyle Driven Investing™, she is considered a thought leader on 21st Century investing, risk management and retirement. Among the top echelon of financial advisors, Erin is often asked to share her views on investing and the economy in key note addresses across the country.

Her abilities to teach, train and motivate other producers are well known in the industry.   She has given key notes and breakout sessions every year for the past twenty years at various industry conferences, including the prestigious Barron’s conference for Top Female Producers.  She has been hired by broker/dealer and insurance companies to train their top producers.

In 2001, Erin was asked to train the twenty-five top producers of a major insurance broker/dealer. They documented the sales production of all twenty-five.   In the following year, the average production was up more than twenty-five percent.

All of Erin’s programs are tailored to meet the client’s objective and can be delivered as a keynote, short program, breakout session, 1/2 day or full-day session.

  • 7 Keys to Building the Business of Your Dreams
  • How to Work with More Affluent Clients and Run Your Business on Auto Pilot
  • Women, Power and Money – What You Need to Know to Dominate the Women’s  Market
  • Create Raving Fans Using Systems and Processes
  • Be BIG – Your Brand Should Be Bigger than You
  • It’s All About Your Clients – Transitioning Clients from You to Your Team
  • The Importance of Charging a Financial Planning Fee
  • Understanding the Psychology of Sales – Why it’s Important to Work Differently
  • Women, Men and Couples
  • “Get Naked First” – The Power of Building Authentic Relationships: What
  • Clients Really Want – And it’s Not Investment Performance

“Erin Botsford has been a frequent guest speaker at Thrivent Financial’s Advisor training and development events. She leaves our audiences in awe of her approach to financial planning, building client relationships and growing a thriving practice. She has had a significant impact on our financial advisors professional development and practice success. They demand to have her back.”

– –Dan Young , Director of Event Planning and Recognition, Thrivent Financial Advisors

“I have heard Erin speak many times over my career, and I learn something new and life-changing each time. Using a perfect combination of inspiration, authenticity, humility and grace, Erin is able to very intimately connect with her audience. Her story of success provides inspiration, but even more importantly, her humility allows for one to feel they could “walk in the same shoes.”

– –Michelle Clary, Wealth Advisor

“When it comes to financial planning and the subject of retirement, Erin Botsford is extremely intelligent.  Her book is a must-read for anyone who wants to survive and enjoy his or her retirement.”

– –Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Erin Botsford gets it! She understands what drives the financial markets and has found investment strategies that support her clients’ retirement lifestyles in up, down and flat market conditions. No wonder the industry calls her “The Great Protector”.

– –Harry S. Dent Jr., Author of the New York Times Best Seller – The  Great Depression Ahead and The Great Crash Ahead

Erin’s Audiences Have Included Members From…

  • AXA Advisors
  • Barron’s Top 100 – (Multiple Conferences)
  • Financial Services Industry Summit
  • FSC Securities
  • HKS Architectural Firm
  • Kinder Brothers Soaring Conference
  • Lincoln Financial Advisors
  • LPL Advisors (Multiple Conferences)
  • Soaring Eagles Conference
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Texas Wall Street Women
  • Thrivent Financial
$10,001 to $15,000
Travels From:  Texas
City: Dallas


Motivational speaker Erin Botsford’s personal rags to riches story has been featured in numerous articles and publications, including the cover story of Financial Advisor magazine’s January 2010 issue, Investment News, Kiplinger magazine, The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Business Journal.

Her business success has resulted in her being named in both Barron’s magazine Top Independent and Top Women Financial Advisors in multiple years.

Her television appearances include being a guest on “Wealth Track with Consuelo Mack”, CNBC’s “Power Lunch” and “Squawk on the Street”.

Erin is the author of the recently published, best-selling book:  The Big Retirement Risk: Running Out of Money Before You Run Out of Time.  Her book was chosen as the cover story of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Annual Retirement Issue for 2012.

Erin and her husband, Bob, an American Airlines pilot, reside in McKinney, Texas. They have one son, Kevin, aged 30 who is currently serving as a Captain in the United States Air Force. Kevin is married to Kristin Botsford and they have one son, Cooper. Bob and Erin spend the majority of their free time working on their philanthropic endeavors, from serving returning military veterans and providing water wells, orphan homes and other humanitarian relief to women and children in Africa.


Advisors typically build practices that require THEM to be involved.  They feel they need to be in every client meeting, certainly those that involve a product sale. What they haven’t built is a business. A well run business is an entity that should run without the day to day presence of the owner. The owner of the business should provide leadership, creativity and vision – nothing more.

Learn from one of America’s top financial planners how to build the business of your dreams.

In a thriving practice, 90% of new business should come from referrals from existing clients, Raving Fans. That’s certainly the case with Erin’s business. Her mantra is to “systematize the predictable so you can humanize the exceptional.” Clients want to experience the same amazing experience they had with you the first time over and over again, regardless of which of your employees are serving them. Their loyalty and willingness to refer to you depends upon it.

Learn how to create the right systems and processes that will turn clients into raving fans.

“Birds of a feather do flock together.”   Affluent clients compare notes and share experiences. Learn how to distinguish your firm from every other advisory practice – what to focus on in your initial presentation and how to create the wow factor.

Show them the value of working with your firm, a firm that is not dependent upon any single individual but is focused on well-defined systems and processes so the clients are served by the team, not by you.

Female investors are quickly becoming one of the most sought after markets in America. They tend to be loyal clients and great advocates. Working with female investors takes a special touch, one that can be learned whether you are a male or female advisor.

Hear from one of America’s top Female producers how to work with women as singles or as the “de-facto” decision maker in a couple’s relationship. Advisors should not overlook this growing demographic – they will ultimately control the vast majority of America’s wealth.

Size Matters! Potential clients want to work with an advisor who appears to be well established and stable, one who has a clearly articulated investment philosophy and unique value proposition.  Creating the appearance of a large scale, well run organization is critical.

Erin mastered this early in the game. She can show you how to look BIG in a world where Size Matters!

If the business depends upon you meeting with clients every time, you don’t have a business; you have a job. But how do you wean your clients to members of your team? You make it all about THEM.

Let Erin show you how she went from meeting with every  client every time to meeting with no clients in a year. It allowed her to grow her practice exponentially and made her clients much more secure in their relationship with her firm.

It has been well established people value what they pay for. In fact, the more people pay, the more value they perceive. The same is true for financial advice.

Erin will show you how to charge a separate but substantial financial planning fee, which will guarantee 95% of all investment recommendations. She has done it in her own practice; she can show you how to do it as well!

Understanding what drives people and their decisions to buy is the most important, but often overlooked aspect of financial advisor training. Clients don’t come to you looking for investment products; they are looking for something else … financial security, status, independence … It is imperative you know how to uncover what they are actually looking for BEFORE you give investment advice.

Erin has mastered this skill with an amazing close ratio.  Learn the simple skills to learn how to read clients like a book!

Women and men want different things from their financial advisor.  You can’t work with them in the same way and expect to get the same results.  Even in couples, there is one person in the couple who is more dominant; if you discount the needs of the other, you are doomed for failure.  (And FYI– It’s not always the male in the couple who ends up making the final decision.)

From experience,  Erin knows it’s the woman in the couple who always retains “veto” power. Learn from her expertise how to relate and sell in any situation.

Telling prospects your own story can break down barriers faster than you can imagine. Erin should know. She had a past riddled with shame she hid for many years.  When she was finally forced to reveal her own personal story early in her career, the relationships that ensued built a business that exceeded her wildest imagination.

Erin will share her story and show you how to use your past, as well as your failures to lure clients in the door!

If you are using Callen charts, Monte Carlo simulations and the like, you are doomed for failure. Clients don’t care about those things.  They care about reaching their own goals, not beating some benchmark. If you have ever been judged by a client based on a benchmark, you are always one quarter away from being fired.

Learn how to move your practice to a focus on what clients really want … and it’s not investment performance.

Areas of expertise

  • Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Practice
  • Influencing Clients with Lifestyle Driven Investing™
  • Targeting Women with Money & Power
  • Achieving Success Despite the Odds
  • Leverage = Team = Freedom
  • Be Big – Building Your Brand
  • Create Raving Fans
  • Building Authentic Relationships
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