Top 10 Requested Speaker Topics for the Financial Services Industry

A lot is going on in the financial services industry. From how the DOL will impact everyone to how distribution companies are changing their sales model to focus on their clients, change is everywhere. With all the change going on, there remain three constants for both Broker-Dealers and Distribution Companies: 1.  Client Acquisition – Bringing in […]

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Wholesalers: Social Listening vs. Delivering Social Content Podcast (Pulling vs. Pushing)

As a wholesaler in financial services are you worried about what you can and cannot say on LinkedIn? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone! Social media is pretty tricky because of all the regulations that guide online communication. Here’s the good news. You don’t need to push content to be effective on LinkedIn to […]

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The Next 5 Essential Tips to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed – Part 2

Two weeks ago I wrote my first blog on LinkedIn where I talked about laying the foundation for a great LinkedIn profile  based on being coached by Laura Virili. Since then she has continued to coach my partner, Roseann Morrison & I, on how to really get involved on LinkedIn and we have learned a […]

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Are Your Prospects “Googling” You? And do You Know What They Will Find?

I finally broke down and did it! I “Googled myself”. After all, how could I talk to clients about bringing in social media marketing experts and not walk the walk? More about my experience later on in the blog. If you are a financial advisor competing with multiple other financial advisors for a HNW client, […]

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5 Essential Tips to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed – Part 1

I received a call yesterday from a friend asking if I knew anyone who could help wholesalers build out their LinkedIn presence and it got me thinking about my recent experience of updating my profile. If you’ve never had a LinkedIn coach, or spent a lot of time researching the basics, it can be intimidating […]

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Rob Salafia has been appointed a lecturer within MIT’s Sloan School of Management

Congratulations to Rob Salafia for being appointed a lecturer within MIT Sloan School of Management’s Office of Executive Education. He will be a part of the Global Executive Academy in July 2016, a 2-week program for mid-level managers. This unique experience will be delivered in a multilingual setting, “United Nations-style” with simultaneous interpretation into multiple […]

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